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Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

The CITB Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) was created to raise standards across the construction industry, confirming identities and skill levels in many areas of construction employment; from bricklayers and plasterers, to supervisors and managers. However, the route to gaining your CSCS card can seem complicated at first, especially if it is your first time going through the process. Whether you are an individual looking to gain their CSCS card, or a business looking to get put their employee’s through the training, Raeburn Training will guide you through the process.


Do I Need a CSCS Card?

A CSCS Card works in a similar way to a driving license, proving to an employer that you have the required training for the job you are doing on site, as well as acting as proof of ID. However, while a driving license is a legal requirement to drive a car, you are not legally required to hold a CSCS card to work on site. So why would you need one?

Whether a CSCS card is required or not, is up to the principal contractor or client. While the card itself is not a legal requirement, it is a legal requirement to make sure all employees and workers have the necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to carry out the work required (The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015). A CSCS card ensures those on site have at least a basic health and safety knowledge, and certain qualifications. For many contractors and clients, CSCS cards form part of the checks made to make sure that the people on site meet this legal requirement, and so more and more contractors and businesses, large and small, are making CSCS cards mandatory.


How Do I Get a CSCS Card?

Raeburn Training can guide you through the process, whether you are an individual applicant or a manager looking for their team to gain or renew their CSCS card. There are different types of CSCS card, and which one you can apply for depends on your qualifications and experience. The most common card is the entry level green labourers card.  You can find out more about the different card types here.

The route to gaining your CSCS Card is made up of three steps; Qualification, CSCS Touch Screen Test and card application.


Step 1 – Qualification

The majority of CSCS cards require a qualification to be held, this applies to green labourer cards and above.  Qualifications can include an entry level health & safety training course, such as Health & Safety Awareness or REHIS Elementary Health & Safety, certificate demonstrating achievement of a trade or professional qualifications.

Book a space on our Health & Safety Awareness or REHIS Elementary Health & Safety training courses.

Step 2 – CITB HS&E Test

Also known as the CSCS touch screen test, this is the second stage required to apply for a CSCS card. The test is completed under strictly controlled conditions at our internet test centre in Kirkcaldy, with up to four people completing the test in each session.

The HS&E Test is made up of 50 questions, and you need to get 45/50 to pass. The questions cover four core knowledge areas; working environment, occupational health, safety and high risk activities. All questions are multiple choice, and you will be randomly allocated 50 questions from the CITB database of over 1,000 questions, Raeburn Training have no access to the question database, or control over which questions you are given.

If you haven’t taken an HS&E Test before, you can download the CITB Op/Spec HS&E test app from the App Store or Google Play. The app offers revision packs and mock tests for you to complete. Alternatively, download the app and book yourself onto one of our CSCS Preparation Courses.  You can also find out more about what to expect on the day of your test here.

There is an audio voiceover option available in English for all tests, for those who may feel more comfortable with the questions being read aloud alongside written text. On request, we can also offer the voiceover in Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. Just let us know at the time of booking.

If you have completed your health and safety training, you can book your HS&E Operatives Test here.


Step 3 – CSCS Card Application

Raeburn Training can support CSCS card applications for clients who undertake their training and testing with us, please contact the team to include this in your booking.  Once the card application is submitted to CITB, Raeburn Training arrange for individual cards to be issued direct and company cards to be issued to the employer.

The link to apply direct to CITB for your card is attached here.


** Renewal **

On renewing your card it is important to follow the correct process.  All cards above green labourer cards are treated as a renewal, which means the qualifications supporting these do not expire.  An example being achievement of a particular trade evidenced by a City in Guilds qualification is achieved for life. The labourer green CSCS cards cannot be renewed.  It requires a full application on expiry each time, meaning the qualification (stage 1) has to be achieved and evidenced with every card application.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the health and safety training?

Raeburn Training offer two approved routes to gaining your CSCS card; Health & Safety Awareness is £140+VAT and REHIS Elementary Health & Safety is £100+VAT.

How much is the HS&E touch screen test?

The test is £42+VAT

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes! We cannot stress how important it is to bring valid ID, and there are strict rule over what forms of ID are accepted. If you do not have valid ID, you will not be able to take the test.

What happens if I fail my HS&E test?

If you do fail the test, you will need to wait 72 hours before you can book a new test. We do not offer refunds if you fail, so we highly recommend revising for the test or attending our preparation course. You can undertake your test multiple times until you pass.


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